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Damon Carroll (lead singer) Bio:

Damon Carroll was born in Orlando, Florida. He and his sister were raised by their mother Donna, and their grandparents Emery and Nell Harris. As a single parent, Donna went above and beyond in every way to provide, and take care of her kids. To this day, she is still one of Damon's biggest inspirations.

After graduating high school, Damon was recruited to play football by Florida State University. He was an art major, and played football for head coach Bobby Bowden for 3 years. Damon was Florida State's first starting "Wham-Back", which was basically a fullback type position that was utilized in offensive "power formations". He also started on special teams before sustaining a career ending injury just prior to that years Sugar Bowl game against Ohio State..

Damon rehabilitated his knee back to full strength before having to be hospitalized again. After months of being misdiagnosed, Damon was sent to Shands Hospital. Over the course of 2 years, Damon fought for his life numerous times, and emerged in a way even his doctors can not explain. After surviving such an ordeal, Damon was determined to live life without fear of failure. He was lucky to be alive, and he was not going to waste this opportunity.

With his health better than ever, Damon began to pursue the career he had always wanted, music. He began to write songs, and further his abilities as a singer and guitar player. He had success in the bands "Corbin" , "Keroseen" , and as a solo artist; opening for acts such as: Everclear, Kansas, Southern Culture on the Skids, Better Than Ezra, Sugar Ray, Ingram Hill, Socialburn, No Address, and many more.

Damon loved making music and performing, but felt that Tallahassee could not offer him the opportunities he needed. So in 2006, Damon traveled to Nashville to record demos of some songs he'd written. While recording the demos, he caught the attention of some management and publishing companies. This inspired Damon to move to Nashville that same year.

Damon's songwriting and musical styles have always been very diverse and hard to define, so it was difficult to find a place where he was happy in just one genre.

While continuing to write and record songs, Damon also used this time to further his abilities as an artist. Damon painted dozens of art pieces, many of which are still on display at the world renowned "Masterfonics Tracking Room" Studio. While Damon was happy with all of the opportunities Nashville had to offer, what he really wanted was a project that didn't limit him as a singer, songwriter, artist, or performer. Meet the D.C Villains...

Billy Davis (Guitar, Bass, Backing vocals) Bio:

Billy is a familiar and respected producer on the Nashville music scene. Born in Baltimore, Maryland the son of a Church Of God Pastor, he grew up listening to every kind of music from gospel quartets to country, rock & roll and soul. At the age of 12, his grandmother gave him his first guitar and by the time he graduated high school he received the "most talented" superlative from his senior classmates and started to pursue his musical dreams.

Plain-spoken, humble and brutally honest, Billy addresses the tough and not so tough issues beneath the surface of life with humor and melancholy. No matter what kind material, whether live or in the studio, singing, playing guitar or producing, one of Billy's greatest assets is his ability to convey the emotion inherent in the music and draw the audience into it. With his latest batch of artists' projects, Billy has re-introduced himself to the music world as an endearingly evocative singer, guitar player, and producer with a unique "artistic" approach.

Joey Reilly (Drummer) Bio:

Born the son of Conservative Radio Talk show host and an English Teacher in Gaithersburg Maryland on June 6th 1980

After a few relocations in early childhood to Upstate New York and Chicago they finally settled in Nashville, Tennessee in 1985

Started playing drums at the age of 14

Attended high school in Mount Juliet, TN where he joined his first band "The Mexican Superheros".

Joey spent the remaining years of high school years playing in punk and ska bands, and with his high school Jazz band and marching band.

After gaining local notoriety as a drummer with Ska band “The Digits”, Joe Moved to Detroit Michigan in the winter of 1998-99. He spent a few years couch surfing, sleeping in his van with a space heater plugged into a light post in the parking lot where he worked at a motorcycle dealership, and at one point on the floor of a friends record store.

In 2002, Joe joined “Blueprint 76”, founded by recently departed bassist of “The Suicide Machines” Royce Nunley and Local Punk Scene veteran Steve Toth on Guitar. After recording an EP, a Full Length record and a christmas single, and a few years of touring, Joe moved back to Nashville and joined “Snakeskin Machinegun” before spending several years on the road with Geffen/Suretone band “The Pink Spiders” as a guitar and drum tech, tour manager, auxiliary guitarist and eventually drummer before leaving the group to pursue “normal life” with a pregnant exotic dancer he met at an outlet mall In Nashville.

That year he reacquainted with Billy Davis, the uncle of high school friend Jordan Davis, and the two bonded over their disdain for the music industry. They decided they needed to make some music that “gave the finger to the whole lot of em” and before long formed the “DC Villains” with songwriter and personal trainer Damon Carroll. The group began recording “Divided We Stand” in the summer of 2009.

After finishing his drum parts for the record, Joey got a job as Shooter Jennings tour manager while Damon and Billy finished the record.

The DC Villains Album “Divided We Stand” was released digitally in September 2011 and is scheduled for physical release in time for christmas 2011.

Joe is currently endorsed by Vic Firth Drum Sticks and used 2b and 5b wood tip standards.

Joe also owns controversial news aggregate and clothing web site and hopes to encourage people to be more aware of how they are influenced and manipulated by politicians and mainstream media.

"Joey B Side" gets his nick name from a personal belief that typically the worst songs on a record are used as a single by major record labels, because it is an industry guideline to avoid releasing music with any substance over the airwaves.

Joe plans to fake his death someday out of curiosity of what people will say at his funeral. Joe has a "regulation" sized tattoo of the superman logo on his chest because he thought it would be funny. Joey B Side is Ridiculous.

Divided We Stand - D.C. Villains

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